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September 26, 2012
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Sign, Symbol, Code by xCINNx Sign, Symbol, Code by xCINNx
This was my opportunity to come up with a really good title. I didn't. I did not feel equal to the task. This is a portrait of a man I cannot describe quickly or easily. He not only is one of the most intelligent and accomplished humans alive, but one of the funniest. Umberto Eco is best known for his novel "The Name Of The Rose", and though he has written a few works of fiction, his major work is in the field of education and semiotics. I won't even try to list what he has done. I will instead say that everytime I read him, I feel like I am looking across a distant horizon, one filled with vast knowledge and history. Leaning upon the shoulder of this giant, I catch a glimpse of what can be known. He is an amazing intellect with abundant wit. My favorite novel is "Baudolino". My favorite nonfiction may be "Serendipities: Language and Lunacy" or "Six Walks Through The Fictional Woods". And I dearly love the collection "How To Travel With A Salmon and Other Essays". For children's books, Eco's "The Three Astronauts" is my favorite of all time. He is my favorite living author. Okay. I stop now. Nuff said.
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Awesome work, great expression! :heart:
Thank you so much! I wish it was this easy everytime! :heart:
daxusx Oct 19, 2012
David Is a great work :squee:
aw. Dear Dax. So sorry to miss these wonderful comments. I am back now. Thank you so much!
You are such a great friend, and I am sorry that I have been slow to show things lately. I will change that. I promise. More soon, and it is so encouraging that you have taken the time to be so kind.
Though I haven't been speaking to anyone much lately, I always cherish your kind comments, as I cherish you.
My love,
Hermetic-Wings Oct 9, 2012  Hobbyist Photographer
Umberto Eco is one of my favorite writer also..."the name of the Rose" and Boudolino" was really very good works...There must a few more ı read from him but can not remember the names of them. So happy to show my respects to him via yopur submission. Thanks for sharing such a big name and sucha good composition my friend. :clap:
I am sorry I have not been responding, and even sorrier I have not said much to you in awhile. I must try soon. Thank you for your comments on Dear Eco. I am not surprised that you love him too, but I am very pleased. Baudolino is one of my favorite books. I have missed you. My love from here. :heart:
Hermetic-Wings Oct 12, 2012  Hobbyist Photographer
Take your time my dear friend! If you have something to say you will note me :D
Eco is a legend, and I am also deep fan of "The name of the rose"...Baudolino was a man of travel and allthough he has many place to settle he was never settle to one of them. As far as I remember ( It'S been long time ago)
hope to see you on your latest submissions :D
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